Daily Trivia Questions for Careers in Energy Week 2021

Please make sure to check back daily as we update the questions.  All of the questions will remain here until the end of the week.  Please submit all five of your answers at one time via the contest form no later than Sunday, October 24 by 9pm. 

Monday – Career Quiz

Go to https://getintoenergy.com/career-quiz/ scroll down and click on the “Take the Quiz” button.  Once you answer all of the questions and complete the quiz, tell us which career in energy you are most suited for, based on your personality and preferences, and if you would be interested in pursuing that career.

Tuesday – Careers Video

Watch one of the Get Into Energy Videos located at https://stem.getintoenergy.com/gie-videos/

List three careers you can pursue within the energy industry.

Wednesday – Interactive Road Map

Visit https://getintoenergy.com/getting-started/ and select an interactive roadmap you are interested in learning more about from the top right section.  Tell us what level of education you will need AND list one competency you will need for the starting or entry level position in this career.

Thursday – Energy Programs & Locations

Several Michigan locations offer energy certificate and degree programs.  Visit the map at http://getintoenergy.com/googleapp/, type in Michigan in the address bar and hit search.  Scroll down and list two of the programs in Michigan that interest you AND the name of the school or college that hosts the program.

Friday – Job Postings

Visit the following career website getintoenergy.jobs and search for jobs in Michigan.  Find one job that is interesting to you and read more about it.  List two things that you need to qualify for this position.